Server-side debugging with Meteor

In this video I show you how to do server-side debugging with Meteor. Enjoy »

Serving multiple sites from a single web context in Lucee

Lucee has a great feature in the ability to separate each domain into it's own context. This allows you to set up individual settings for security, datasources, mappings, and in »

Importing JSON into a Meteor MongoDB

Meteor is a great way to develop fast real-time appliations using JavaScript on both the client and server side. When you are developing these applications it's easy to create new »

Lucee Keynote from dev.objective()

The Lucee Association Switzerland (LAS for short) has published the awesome keynote that Geoff Bowers from Daemon gave at the dev.objective() conference. Being there in person for it, I »

Thanks devobjective!

We wanted to extend a big thank you to all the speakers, sponsors and crew that made the dev.objective() conference so much fun this year. CMD are really proud »