Bye bye Railo. Hello Lucee!

Give a warm welcome to:

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We found out today that Michael Offner, formerly of the Railo Company has split off and forked Railo into a new project called Lucee ( pronounced Lucy )!

This is exciting news as it seems that all the most prominent projects are getting their own forks recently (see node.js).

The project is now part of a not-for-profit Swiss Association called the Lucee Association and is supported by corporate members such as:

  • Ortus Solutions (famous for ColdBox)
  • Pixl8 (famous for PresideCMS)
  • Rasia (ex Railo members)
  • Daemon (famous for FarCry and a lot of things in the CFML community)

What does this mean for the Railo (now Lucee) community? We think that it is a rebrand and re-focus. Which can only be good things!

It also means that other companies and individuals have a channel to support the project, for example CMD and Vivio Tech are already on board as corporate supporters of the project to support future development.

The team at CMD will still be using Lucee in future projects and wish the Lucee team best of luck.

Check out more info here:

You can follow @lucee_server on twitter

The source of the server and related projects now lives here:

If you want to join in the discussion head to:

We look forward to more awesome releases of this great project in it's new home!

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